Waterbed Frames Reviews and Buying Guide

Queen Size Waterbed Frame Photos

Waterbed mattresses are much heavier than the conventional foam ones, requiring heavy metal bed frames with proper center support. For a softside mattress, you need a sturdy metal frame along with a headboard and footboard, while a hardside waterbed consists of the bladder fit inside a wooden frame.

A hardside waterbed frame can only be used with free flow or waveless bladders. On the other hand, a softside frame can also be used with a traditional mattress or an air mattress. Usually, the softside frames have adjustable dimensions so they can be used with California king, king and queen size beds. Super single mattresses need smaller frames. Here is a list of the five top selling softside waterbed frames:

Top 5 Softside Waterbed Frame Reviews

Waterbed Hardware Brackets & Screws for Waterbed Frame by Waterbed Access

Pictures of Waterbed Frame
  • Package includes full set of brackets and screws for assembling the frame
  • 4 large ‘L’ brackets
  • 4 small brackets

Heavy-Duty Metal King, Queen Size Waterbed Frame by Strobel Organic

King Size Waterbed Frame Images
  • Durable heavy-duty metal frame
  • Adjustable to fit California king, king, and queen size waterbeds
  • Can be used with waterbeds as well as regular beds
  • Includes headboard brackets

Heavy Duty Queen Size Waterbed Frame with Center Supports by Glideaway

Queen Size Waterbed Frame Photos
  • Adjustable to fit beds 5.5” to 7.5” high
  • Comes with 4 steel bars and 8 legs for queen size; and 12 legs for king size
  • Includes adjustable legs and assembly hardware
  • Proper center support for plus size people as well as heavy water mattresses

Glideaway K83 Hook in Steel Waterbed Frame by Glideaway

Pictures of Steel Waterbed Frame
  • Nine sturdy legs to adjust to beds 8” to 11” tall
  • Four inch wide carbon steel rails (no need for wooden slats)
  • Proper center support

King Softside Waterbed Frame with 9 Legs by Glideaway

Images of Softside Waterbed Frame
  • Heavy-duty metal headboard brackets
  • Comes with large spin glides for uniform weight distribution
  • Nine adjustable legs for proper center support