Buy Waterbed Pumps

Waterbed Pump Pictures

Once you buy a waterbed, you also need to get all the maintenance kits and accessories to keep your bed in the proper shape. As you will need the patch kit to repair an accidental leakage, a draining pump is necessary to drain all the water from the mattress so you can patch it up, and then you will need a fill kit to fill your mattress up again.

One option is to rent a pump, if you have some place to rent it from. However, it is better to have your own waterbed pump. Here are a couple of pumps for waterbed bladders; one of them comes with an electric heater for hardside and softside beds.

Electric Waterbed Pump by FM Pumps

Waterbed Pump Pictures
  • Can be used for all types of waterbeds from free flow to waveless
  • Can be used with a regular garden hose
  • Pumps 360 gallons/hour
  • Works for draining spas and pools as well

Electric Waterbed Pump with Calesco Heater by Calesco, Aqua Fusion

Electric Waterbed Pump Images
  • Pump-heater combo for better care of your bed
  • 325-watt heater with easy to handle control and light indicators
  • Comes with fill kit adapters along with a 4 oz bottle of premium conditioner