Waterbed Conditioners – Buying Guide and Reviews

Without a proper conditioner, algae, mold and other microbes are sure to grow in the water, of you waterbed, even if you use filtered water. In addition to making the water stale, leading to bubbles that you can hear moving in your mattress when you lie down, these microbes weaken the inner walls of the mattress, reducing its longevity.

Applying a conditioner, either in the liquid or tablet form, at least once a year is essential as it:

  • Cleans and conditions the water, preventing any growth of microbes
  • Prevents unpleasant odor and gas formation in the mattress
  • Keeps the inner surface of the vinyl cover clean, soft and flexible by preventing mold and algae accumulation

Top 5 Best Selling Liquid Waterbed Conditioner Reviews

RPS 16-Ounce Waterbed Conditioner by RPS Products

RPS 16-Ounce Waterbed Conditioner Pictures

  • Includes plasticizer and inner vinyl preservative
  • Allows up to three waterbed application
  • Prevents bubble formation
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Blue Magic 8 oz Sapphire Waterbed Conditioner with a Cap & Plug for Hard-side & Soft-side Waterbed Mattresses by Blue Magic Sapphire Collection

Blue Magic Sapphire Waterbed Conditioner Images

  • Easy application
  • Comes with a cap and plug for your waterbed
  • Suitable for free flow, semi wave and waveless, hard-side/soft-side waterbed
  • A ten 8-oz bottle set for a cheap price
  • Each bottle allows up to two application
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Multi-Purpose Waterbed Conditioner by Blue Magic

Multi-Purpose Waterbed Conditioner Photos

  • Time-release formula for ease of use
  • Suitable for fiber-fill and full motion waterbeds
  • Lubricates the vinyl interiors in addition to cleaning and conditioning
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Waterbed Conditioner for California King, Queen, Twin and Super Single Hard-side or Soft-side Waterbeds by Aqua Fusion

Pictures of Waterbed Conditioner for California King, Queen and Super Single Waterbeds

  • Five 8-oz bottle set
  • Specially formulated to keep the water clean, preventing gas and bubble formation while keeping the vinyl soft and durable
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Two Blue Magic All Purpose Waterbed Conditioner with One 8oz Vinyl Cleaner by Blue Magic

Images of Blue Magic All Purpose Waterbed Conditioner

  • Time-release formula for one time application
  • Suitable for hardside and softside, single/dual bladder mattresses
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Waterbed conditioner in the tablet form is a relatively new concept, but it is gaining rapid popularity due to the ease of application as all you need to do is put a tablet inside your waterbed mattress or bladder. The basic functioning is the same though.

Best-Selling Waterbed Conditioner Tablet Reviews

Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner Tablets by Blue Magic

Blue Magic Waterbed Conditioner Tablets Pictures

  • Pack of 10 individually packed tablets for easier use
  • Suitable for tube waterbed mattresses
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Waterbed Conditioner Tablets 10 pack supply for Soft-side Waterbed Mattresses by Aqua Fusion

Waterbed Conditioner Tablets Images

  • Suitable for all free flow/waveless soft-side beds with dual bladder and tubes
  • Prevents algae growth, odor and bubble formation when you add just one tablet per bladder once a year
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Waterbed Conditioner for Soft-side and Hard-side Waterbeds by Rosolo Inc.

Waterbed Conditioner for Softside and Hardside Waterbeds Photos

  • Suitable for all types of soft-side and hard-side water mattresses
  • A 20 tablet pack for longer usage
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